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A Love Letter

Oh, sure, we mock our readers in the TeeVee Mailbag. But every so often, we feel it's only fair to let our readers speak unedited and unadulterated by mockery. This is one of those times.

Besides, we were too lazy to write a piece for today.

From: SunnyBrooklyn@webtv.net (Rebecca)
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 22:58:22 -0500 (EST)
To: teevee@teevee.org
Subject: Worst Actor Catagory

I hope that you put my email on your site, one could only hope (and if I was sitting right in front of you I could only hope you could hear my sarcasm) But, I agree with Vanessa, I am just a bit behind the times, you see, I also like Erik Palladino, and I think he is a wonderful actor, but everyone has their own opinions, and as an inspiring actress myself, I know that rejection is part of the business. But I will say this about your insipid opinion on things, I think you are immature, My reasons, well for one thing you are writing about popular shows such as ER and Ally McBeal (Personally I don't like Ally McBeal) and catorgorizing them with garbage like Shasta McNasty hoping that people like Vanessa will read it and rant, you are just like a petty high school under achiever who doesn't get enough attention at home and has to see if they can get a rise out of people by shocking them with words like "shit" and "fuckknuckle".

Small words and an even smaller man. So you insult shows like ER and Ally McBeal, 2 of the top rated shows on TV, so let me ask you, WHAT shows do you like, it probably might say on your website, but I have better things to look at. I haven't the time for people like you who want people like me to write to curse you out and say what a great injustice has been done to Erik Palladino, even though I do feel that way, I can express my opinion like a rational human being, without ranting and cursing. I like the Dave Malucci character on ER, I think it would be better if they developed more of a story line and gave him more air time, your opinion seems to differ. You seem to think that more time should be devoted to the lesbian head of the ER Kerry Weaver, not that Laura Innes is a bad actress, but you must be male, becuase they really seem to go for that lesbo stuff, not that there is anything wrong with being homosexuality, but they should keep it behind closed doors, which I am afraid, much to your
chagrin, will have to be, ER is on a basic channel, this isn't OZ or Sex in the City, although you probably have something to say about them too, even though they are award nominees or winners,

Maybe I will read some more of your website, just to give myself a laugh as you insult some of the greatest shows on TV, and I will also laugh along with you at shows like Shasta McNasty and shows of that nature. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest, I can't wait to read your juvenile reply to me since I have probably insulted what manhood you may have, but probably don't.



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