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Ban Britney!

When I first discovered peer-to-peer networking, while searching for something else I don't recall, I noticed a file called Banned Commercials - Britney Spears Pepsi Commercial. I downloaded it -- a banned commercial! Banned by who? I dunno. Whatever I was expecting -- Britney assaulting a Pepsi bottle like a deranged Like A Virgin-Madonna or something -- what I got was just that old Britney Pepsi commercial wherein she dances around the soda delivery trucks and the bottling plant and so forth. It doesn't even have Bob Dole in it, although it does have a lot of very suggestively ejaculating Pepsi bottles.

I never deleted it even though it's eating up a whopping 15MB on my hard drive. And when my media player application read that directory it threw Britney into my playlist. So every so often, amidst the Iron Maiden and Jim Croce and Bootsy Collins and Bobby Darin and Tito Puente (how's THAT for eclectic?), up pops Britney, dancing and singing and bursting Pepsi bottlecaps off.

And, God help me, I can't turn it off.

I need help.


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