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Death Warmed Over With Dignity

A couple of thoughts about the Emmy Awards. No, not the awards themselves -- although let me just say that while I enjoy The West Wing more than most of the Vidiots, I still don't quite understand how it's managed to win three Best Drama awards in a row.

Watching the Emmys can be a painful experience. Watching it on the TiVo lessens it somewhat, because I can forward through the endless commercials, through anything about or starring Oprah, and through a painful NBC promotion of its new sure-to-be-cancelled show In-Laws. But the show is still extremely long, and my TiVo hasn't mastered the laws of time and space yet, so it's still physically impossible for me to get to bed at a decent hour if I'm going to stick it out to the end.

But three cheers for Conan O'Brien, who was funny throughout the broadcast, managing to entertain the crowd in the audience as well as at home, and all without being bland. He was edgy and yet felt accessible, a real winning combination. I don't think I've seen an awards-host performance this successful in a long, long time. Conan for Oscar host!


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