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September 11, 2001

TeeVee: September 11, 2001


It's a strange thing to wake up and turn on the TV and see a news account of something so unimaginable and horrific that it seems like something from a movie.

But then you stick your head out of your bedroom window and see that the stuff they're talking about is indeed actually happening, and in front of your very own eyes.

I had a perfect view from of the World Trade Center from my apartment in Brooklyn. And I found myself looking to and fro from the view outside my window to the television -- as if somehow that could make the events being described on TV more real to me somehow.

Later, I could smell the smoke from the ruins, hear the fighter planes above me, and see soot-covered people wearily walking down Flatbush Avenue.

Then today, I'd take the subway to work, stand on 57th and 7th, look downtown and see the smoke rising from where the towers used to be, look to my left and see a guy delivering pizzas, look to my right and see some lady hailing a cab, look uptown to see some kids with scooters and a Rollerblader on their way to Central Park, basically a city teeming with life.

I stood for a moment, and all I could think was: this is so fucking weird.


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