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Square and Proud of It

Okay, don't throw things at me here, but I kind of like the new Hollywood Squares.

For one thing, many of the celebrities are alive, which makes it an improvement over some game shows, which will trot out the mummified corpse of George Gobel at a moment's notice. But this time out, they've got people like Ellen DeGeneres, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and Martin Mull. And those are funny people. Or puppets as the case may be. Now, they've still got their allotment of Little Richards and Chaka Khans, but these people are allowed to just sit there and look befuddled. In other words, it really seems like the quips aren't written ahead of time for once.

Okay, so that's not always such a good thing. I suppose not everyone is a huge fan of watching Martin Mull try to come up with something funny to say, but I love it. I love it even more when it's Englebert Humperdinck trying and failing to come up with something funny to say. It's not like I'm watching this thing for the subtle tic-tac-toe strategy, you know.

Anyway, I mention all this because next week, Anna Nicole Smith will be on Hollywood Squares. And even if her appearance is limited to the occasional cut-away to her laughing, it should still be pretty entertaining.

Don't you judge me!


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