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The Semiotics of Anna Nicole Smith

So this guy has a thing for Anna Nicole Smith. A thing he's explained in meticulous detail in an online thesis wherein Smith "had now asserted herself as a one-woman aesthetic restoration," something I find amusing given that it's unlikely Smith could correctly pronounce, much less define "restoration."

The part that I keep coming back to, however, is:

"Earlier I compared Anna Nicole to Luke Skywalker, but I think she probably hews more closely to the tragic path of his father. A talented prodigy of unfathomable potential, she fell from grace by making unfortunate choices and surrendering to dark temptation. But her successors will be those still able to sense the good in her. With their support, she may yet find the strength to destroy the evil empire -- or at least fuck shit up a little bit. And in the process may she find some measure of redemption."

This opus transcends any other fan page I have ever seen online.


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