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Accursed Beloved Baseball

I've been meaning to write that Firefly review for weeks now, I swear. (Short version: Don't let the critics or the lackluster first episode dissuade you -- it's a really good show, with a solid cast of remarkably well-drawn charactres.) But I haven't gotten to that review, or my review of the two '80s flashback shows, one of which has since been cancelled.

See, usually my beloved baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, is mathematically eliminated 'round about the same time that the fall premieres are taking hold. As cold comfort for the death of spring's dreams, I get to write nasty reviews of lousy TV shows. But this year, the Giants have managed to make it to the World Series. As a result, my last three weeks -- time I should be spending watching new shows and writing reviews -- has largely been spent sitting on a couch in front of the TV set, pulling my hair out and rocking back and forth involuntarily, stressed out about men playing a silly ball game.

Thank goodness that it will all be over this weekend. After that, a Firefly review, for sure.


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