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God Bless the Yankees

Could the baseball playoffs get any more interminable? It seems as though there are 5 minutes' worth of commercials between each half-inning, especially if you're watching the prime time game between the Yankees and whomever the Yankees are playing at the time. (Or at least, that's how Fox sees it.)

The other night, as the top of the 7th inning ended, rather than breaking for a commercial, Fox sayed at Yankee Stadium to witness the singing of "God Bless America." Well, that's nice. But as the Yankees' elderly PA announcer introduced the "famed Irish tenor" (is that like Irish Setter?) who would regale us with how much he loved America, time actually stopped. After introducing the tenor, he introduced several Air Force pilots standing off to the side of the field. He then re-introduced the Irish Setter. Finally, the Irish Setter sang the longest, slowest rendition of "God Bless America" ever, including the previously unheard preliminary verses that lead up to its famous chorus.

Good God, it went on forever. And when it was done, was it time to play ball? Of course not. Then Fox broke for 5 minutes of commercials and promos for Firefly.

Baseball playoff TV: a show so unwatchable, even baseball fans are squirming.


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