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Monty's Dead Pool Picks

I always have trouble deciding what shows will get cancelled first. That's because I always have trouble believing all these shows are still on the air. Didn't the season start two weeks ago? Surely that's enough time for the herd to have thinned out a little.

But apparently, nothing's actually bitten the dust yet. Weird. I expect that to be remedied any second now, in the following manner:

1. Firefly. Right now, Joss Whedon has a show on UPN, WB, and Fox. But Firefly is going to be cancelled, causing literally dozens of fans to rend their garments in anguish. And then, once Buffy slays her last vampire, next
year will see Whedon with only Angel. I fully expect him to spend his time hanging around the Mutant Enemy offices trying to think up a new franchise and occasionally coming up with goofy new ideas to bother the Angel staff

2. Bram and Alice. Seriously, I was convinced this had already been cancelled. Instead, it looks like it hasn't actually aired yet. So I guess there are some formalities to go through. But I have one firm belief, and that is that the phrase "long-lost daughter" has no place on television.

3. John Doe. Yeah, I know, it's gotten pretty good ratings so far. That'll change. Trust me.


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