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Must... Destroy... TiVo

Reader Rich Heimlich wrote us a lengthy note about the sad state of TV affairs. "Can someone please explain to me," he wrote, "when the television universe collapsed and entered some alternate plane of existence where all things suck? I finally got around to adding a nice 100GB hard drive to my Tivo to store up what I firmly believed would be a treasure trove of top-flight programming providing nearly endless entertainment value for my investment. Instead, what I seem to have now is a bottomless pit of garbage." Among the complaints: the crashes to earth of Sopranos, Frasier, Boston Public, Enterprise, The West Wing, and -- of course -- Ed.

Rich, I think you owe it to yourself to remove that hard drive from your TiVo and beat it into little pieces. Perhaps then the gods you have offended will return your quality shows to you.

"When Rob Lowe appears to be making a solid career choice, you know the world is not right," Rich says. Too true, my friend. Too true.


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