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Who Are the Ad Wizards...

Announcer: "Sunday. An extraordinary television event. The epic story that would show the world anything is possible."

He's talking about "The Wizard of Oz." I'm not clear on how the five millionth showing of a 60-year-old movie is an extraordinary television event. I suppose in a few weeks, we'll be hearing about how "It's a Wonderful Life" is "a visceral and shocking look at smalltown life, bankers, and angels."

Really, I don't even see why they felt it necessary to bring in Dramatic Deep-voiced Announcer Guy at all. They also put some song I've never heard of as the background music, so they don't seem all that confident in the movie. I would have thought they could just say "Wizard of Oz, this Sunday" and all the people who wanted to see it would tune in. But that would seem to be insufficiently dopey.


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