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Farscape Ennui

Maybe it's because I'm a pessimist, or because I secretly believe that television programming executives' jobs are so miserable, they're forced to turn to sadistic hijinks, like announcing the cancellation of good shows mid-season, just to get their kicks, but I have a hard time psyching myself up to watch more Farscape at this point.

"Come and watch a number of well-crafted episodes that rush toward a cliff-hanger ... which will never be resolved."

"Spend a handful of Friday nights thrilling to the experience of a smart, funny and occasionally breathtaking experience ... and then plummet to the depths of despair as you realize you're one hour closer to the end!"

"Invest your time and attention in a great series ... which will be cut off mid-story arc by a merciless channel."

See the internal conflict here? I love Farscape. I want to watch. But I don't want to be sucked in, only to spend the last episode rocking back and forth and muttering, "Cruel bastard SciFi Channel" over and over. I've watched Judd Apatow series. I've watched Thieves. I've been down the road of heartbreak and unjust cancellations.

If I were guaranteed the chance to watch every week, and then call a SciFi Channel executive and say, "Hi, there! I'm a well-educated woman with a lot of disposable income and I just love watching Farscape! You sure you want to lose me as a viewer?" -- then I wouldn't even need to write this. If I could have that exchange, where tormented, conflicted people on the other end began gnashing their teeth at the prospect of losing my interest, where I could push these people closer to renewing Farscape for the one lousy year it needs to wrap up ... then, then I'd watch with nary a qualm.


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