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Fly Away, Little Firefly

I'd like to say "you're welcome" to the seven kind Firefly fans who wrote in to thank me for my piece on Joss Whedon's cancelled Fox series, despite the fact that my review appeared only after the show got the axe.

Whedon says he's going to do his best to find a new home to keep the show alive; that's admirable, but you've got to wonder if any network really wants a dented and pre-owned sci-fi show, even if it is from the people who make Buffy.

Then again, I could see it as a great fit for UPN, which still desperately needs a companion either for Enterprise or Buffy or both. And you've got to think that Firefly would do better if it got a lead-in from other genre shows, rather than 7:30 airings of Seinfeld and Frasier on various Fox affiliates. Less likely would be the WB or Sci-Fi, especially since Sci-Fi has already cancelled its own comparable series, Farscape, and re-focused on less spacey topics.

In any event, here's hoping Firefly flies again, somehow, somewhere -- at least on DVD, if nowhere else.


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