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Paging George Gray

We got a letter from George Gray the other day. Yes, the one we called "an example of the ultimate physical manifestation of pure evil" and named our Worst Host award after. But give George credit: he didn't pull a Boutsikaris on us:

"Thanks for my award... it was a really funny article about just how much I sucked on Junkyard Wars. Sure, a bit 'lonely virgin who lives in his mom's basement and hates the world,' but I'm sure I'm not the first one to say that. Seriously, you've got a cool site, and I laughed my ass off when a friend of mine showed me the story on the George Gray Award..."

Aw, we don't hate the world, George...

(For the record, the nicest celebrity who has ever written to us after we ripped them is Gary Kroeger. He deserves some sort of award named after him. You know, the good kind.)


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