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The Old Switcheroo

You know what would be great? If, right before the final episode of Joe Millionaire, the plumber guy suddenly inherited millions of dollars from a forgotten uncle. Then he really would be a millionaire!

And then the woman he picked could be horribly scarred in the acid mines, so she's no longer the beautiful gold-digger he thought she was. And then Joe Millionaire could reveal that he's not really a man, but secretly a cross-dressing woman. And then the acid-scarred floozie could pull off her rubber mask revealing that she's actually a space alien. But before Joe could collect his inheritance, they'd have to spend a night in a haunted house. But then it could turn out that the ghosts were really just Old Mister McReedy, the owner of the abandoned amusement park. But when the police come to drag him off, he could reveal that he's really Joe's supposedly-dead uncle.

And so on. With any luck, they could start the Astonishing Twist Endings five minutes into the first episode.


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