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I have experienced many dark, dark moments in my life, where I have made incredibly shameful decisions. The darkest moment, I confess, came late last week, when I actually wrote down the phone number to a Tony Robbins' infomercial for his five-day program to change your life called "Get the Edge."

I remember sitting on my futon, watching him be interviewed by Leeza Gibbons, and hearing a little voice in my head saying, "Hey, this guy is making a lot of sense!" And then quickly writing down the phone number.

I'd like to be able to blame booze or drugs for what I did, but to be honest, I was completely sober.

I didn't use it, thank goodness, but sadly I still have the number. It's on the last page of my hardcover copy of The Celestine Prophecies.

No wait, actually, buying The Celestine Prophecies was the darkest episode in my life. And I was drunk too. Thank God.


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