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da-da daaaah dum-de-dum

Say what you will about Hidden Hills, Phil my boy, but it's opening up my eyes... to opera. Okay, ears.

There was this scene in the pilot with Webcam Mom where Doug imagines she's washing his car windows with opera playing in the background. Opera! It was a very good piece of music.

Alas, I must admit to being unwashed. And also not very knowledgeable about opera. About all I know is that my Italian grandfather used to sit in his kitchen smoking and watching PBS opera airings on a tiny black & white TV about fourteen feet away. I only heard as much as it took to say, "Good night, Grandpa," before scuttling off to sleep, the soundtrack to which was certainly not "La Traviata."

So I've been trying to track down the music with only the barest of clues. Since I can't yet figure out how to get the sound in my head into Google ("da-da daaaah dum-de-dum" -- now there's a search string) I'm forced to rely on other nitwits for scraps of information. One guy on Usenet says it's the same piece he heard in the film "8 Days a Week". I track that down on the IMDb. The credits list Rossini and Delibes (and Beethoven, but luckily I'm not so unwashed as to not know Beethoven's Ninth). Are there any MP3s?

As a result, I now have several excellent new pieces of music to listen to. I haven't heard the full version of Rossini's Overture from "William Tell" in a very long time. And I have bits of "Aida" and Delibes' "Flower Duet" from Lakme.

What I do not have -- yet -- is the piece I'm looking for. But it's only a matter of time. Time and diligence. How much opera can there be, anyway?


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