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More Joe Millionaire

And here I was just sitting down to write virtually the same article as Phil...

However, I was going to suggest that they do Joes Millionaire, wherein several nubile young contestants spend a couple of weeks shoveling cow chips for an equal number of "millionaires." The kicker is that only one is an actual millionaire; the others are simply shitbag construction workers or equally lowly life forms. (HINT: The real millionaire might be the one with the sunken chest who picks his nose publicly and smells vaguely of bleu cheese.) Each bachelorette is free to pursue any of the males, whether she decides to follow her heart or follow her feminine genetic programming to spend, spend, spend. At the end, each lady must be paired with one and only one dude; if two are after the same guy, the dispute is settled through topless dung wrestling. The gal who ends up with the dude with the dough wins... sort of.

I also think the guys should all be required to legally change their name to Joe Millionaire. That would be cool.


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