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Mrs. Garrett is Calling!

So does it make me a geek that I totally spent considerable time and effort to program the Itchy and Scratchy theme song as the ring tone for my cell phone? And furthermore, does it compound my geekiness that I've actually tracked down the theme song to The A-Team and am, at this very moment, programming it into my Nokia? Does that make me a geek or merely disturbed?

And what if somehow, by chance, I kinda sorta came across the theme song for The Facts of Life. Just by happenstance. I wasn't looking for it. It just sort of fell in my lap. Out of the blue. By accident. Through no fault of my own.

What if that happened? And I kinda sorta programmed the theme song from The Facts of Life into my phone? Just out of mere curiosity? Y'know, just to hear what it would sound like?

And what if when I played the theme song from The Facts of Life on my phone, it sounded really cool? And I kinda kept it as my permanent ring tone? And that sometimes, I call myself, just to hear the song.

Would that be weird or what?


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