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Blizzard! In Color

I'm watching umpteen hours of blizzard coverage on television to see when and if this blizzard is ever planning on ending, and the local Fox affiliate has decided that the thing to do is to send out the sportscasters to do the "Hey! Snow is fun!" pieces as a welcome relief from the "Don't get a heart attack from shoveling snow" piece, the "even ambulances can't get through the snow" segment and the "store shelves are empty" report.

Their idea of a fun piece is to send a sportscaster to a sledding hill over in Northwest so he can report on the people sledding and get bowled over by exuberant snow bunnies.

After one such ride that left the cameraman half-buried and the sportscaster covered in snow, the guy asks the woman who plowed into him, "So your winter fun includes knocking over sportscasters?"

"Well, it's good training if you're going to be war correspondents," she reasoned, then went away.

The first thing I thought was, "What would they do with sportscasters overseas? Play-by-play calls of the firefights?"

The second thing I thought of was, "Can we send any sports reporter? How about Mike Lupica?"


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