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I saw "Daredevil" yesterday. Not good. It should have been better -- Daredevil was one of my favorites. Ben Affleck was the least of the movie's problems, which may be summed up as terrible writing, terrible writing, and more terrible writing (although some of the inside jokes were clever). Colin Farrell was brilliant in what few scenes he had. Jennifer Garner was not good. Couldn't they have found someone more... European? Too bad they rushed the Daredevil-Elektra relationship, and damn them for apparently changing the way the story played out in Frank Miller's books. By the way, I was shocked -- shocked! -- at Miller's cameo. I wonder what he thought of the finished product? (I wouldn't make the mistake of saying he should have written the script, though. I saw "Robocop 2" again a couple of months ago. Shudder.)

The trailers turned out to be more interesting. "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" is coming this summer. If you knew nothing at all about the comic books, you would be fascinated and confused. If you knew something about the comic books, you also would be fascinated and confused. If the story is still set in late-19th century London, why are there speeding cars and sub-machine-guns? Looks cool, all the same.

"X-Men 2" looks very, very good. I'm sure I will be disappointed with the finished product.

The even more extended "Hulk" trailer is not very good. They're showing too much now.

Crazy Crispin Glover ("I can kick...!") is in a re-make of "Willard." Can miss.


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