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Not TeeVee Mailbag

Time was, we answered our reader mail in long, nasty detail. The ol' TeeVee Mailbag has been on hiatus for a couple of years, but after XXVIII entries any roman-numeraled entity can become tiresome. (We're looking at you, Super Bowl.) Still, a few letters we've gotten lately are worth mentioning.

We've received two letters about David Clennon, who stars in The Agency (we had to look it up ourselves), a show that apparently still airs on CBS affiliates in parts of the country. We said Clennon was "a delight to watch" when we reviewed his show a couple of lead actors ago. Anyway, seems this Clennon fellow is politically outspoken enough for Dave Smith to write and say he's "not too politically bright" and for Paula Hassler to call him a "near traitor" for criticizing George W. Bush. Okay, but why do you think we care? We're not David Clennon's answering service, you know.

Meanwhile, "Rick" wrote us referencing our coverage of JFK Jr.'s death -- wow, timely! -- so he could complain about being given a B instead of an A in a college course when he dared question his professor's love of the Kennedys during Chappaquiddick. In 1969. Wow, timely! But we have to point out, again, that we really just don't give a shit.

However, we do appreciate that James Hong, the freakin' genius who invented AmIHotOrNot.com, wrote us a note when we wrote about ABC's rip-off reality show, Are You Hot? Thanks, James.


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