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Notes from TV World

Just some TV things I've been thinking about:

Malcolm in the Middle has been ticking along nicely and now they've managed to pull out the hoary old Our Show's in the Crapper, Let's Get a Baby in Here thing -- and it doesn't suck. It's amazing. Malcolm never reaches true greatness but it has yet to collapse, either -- it's like Wings, only not on the Dark Side.

I've caught a minute here and there of Cheers. Man, that show got mighty lame, didn't it? The best thing that happened was I discovered the alternate audio track, which claimed to be in Spanish, but which was actually just the same show minus the dialog track -- including background noise, sound effects, and the laugh track. The background noise was most interesting: How did they get that? Where does one get a half hour of undifferentiated bar noise? And does that mean that all those background actors were making no noise at all? Doesn't that sound like the hardest job of all time?

Six Feet Under is returning in March. My life is complete.

Even when it's not on, Boomtown is the best show on television.

I've been thinking of reviewing the Law & Order first season DVD set. That's like TV, isn't it? By the way, it rocks.

The most recent L&O: SUV featured a cameo by a restaurant I was in just a couple of weeks ago. I met the painter who did the mural which you can just see over the distraught mother's shoulder for dinner.


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