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The "Not a" is Silent

I managed to watch about five minutes of But I'm a Celebrity -- Get Me Out of Here! last night before I felt too unclean to continue. And this is coming from someone who has caught every episode of Joe Millionaire and American Idol and Survivor.

Not only does But I'm... prove that, no, Fear Factor does not mark the low point in reality TV, but it proves something even more amazing: Surreal Life and Celebrity Mole weren't scraping the bottom of the "celebrity" barrel.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple weeks back, Celebrity Mole winner Kathy Griffin explained that the "Celebrity" in the title was in really big, qualifying quotation marks. But that's not the case on But I'm... -- these people simply aren't celebrities. See for yourself -- this group is pathetic. We've got a couple of minor actors, a few has-been TV hosts, a male model, Howard Stern's flunky, someone with a slightly famous mom, someone with a somewhat-famous ex-husband... and Robin Leach.

When Robin Leach is your big name, it's time to admit you're a desperate network. Get this show out of here.


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