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57 Thousand Channels and Nothing On

Thanks to our 57-thousand-channels-and-nothing-on world, my wife's joining of the scrapbooking cult (and remember, you can't spell scrapbooking without the crap!), and my TiVo's tendency to stay on the same channel for hours at a time, I have seen altogether too much lately of the DIY network.

I've seen a few episodes of Scrapbooking, which is exactly what you'd expect and just as interesting.

Yesterday I watched quite possibly the lamest cooking show of all time. Cucumber salad made with cucumbers, onions, vinegar, and celery seeds. Whoa! I never could've worked that recipe out myself!

Today I watched, no kidding, an entire half-hour titled Combating Household Mold.

Yes, we are just one nanometer away from the Paint Drying Channel.


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