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Age of Wonders

Don't let anyone tell you that the era of good TV has passed. Today's TV contains lots of junk, sure, but there's so much bizarre genre-busting going on out there that there are bound to be a few pieces of brilliance generated completely by accident.

So I'll rave about british sitcoms Coupling and The Office, which would never see the light of day in this country without the existence of BBC America. But more importantly, let me rave about The Michael Essany Show on E!, which is one of the most bizarre concepts for a series -- and yet turns out to be sweet and funny and just purely entertaining. Basically, Michael Essany is a college kid with his own cable access talk show, which he hosts out of his house. E! supplies the guests, mom supplies the refreshments, and the whole thing ends up being a reality show about the talk show, mixed in with the show itself.

It is really remarkable television. I can't recommend it highly enough. Fortunately, E! will be rerunning each episode about 400 times, so you'll probably be able to give it a try without much fuss.


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