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Art Advice from Six Feet Under

Even if you don't watch Six Feet Under, I urge you to watch this week's episode. I turned to my wife part way through and said, "I guess this is going to be one of those go-nowhere episodes," and it was: Even this great show has its episodes where it's spinning its wheels, advancing a plot thread here, cleaning up a loose end or two, and essentially doing nothing interesting, especially if you don't follow the show. And this was one of those.

But this week we were introduced to Olivier Castro-Staal, Claire's latest art teacher. And let me say that this man -- who as far as I know is entirely fictional -- has said some of the most profound and wonderful things about making art I have ever heard.

Tune in this week as HBO repeats this episode eleventy-million times just for Olivier. He's the best.


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