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Ed May Rise Again

I've been meaning to tell you guys to give Ed another chance.

Ed's really picked up lately. I'm not sure it's quite made up for how bad it got, but it's still getting better. Ed's new romance with Twiggy or whatever her name is is a nice change of pace from Carol; they've handled the Mark gastric bypass pretty well, given that they were lamentably forced finally to dump their weight-blindness when actor Michael Genadry got the operation in real life; and the return of Dr. Jerome, easily one of the most amusing characters on TV for the last three years, has made most of this season forgivable.

And Stella, Carol's sister and Warren's new lady friend, makes up for a lot, being the most amazingly beautiful wonderful twinkly happy hot mama ever on TV ever.

Aside from the Valentine's episode, which had me wishing flaming death upon Warren as much as ever, Warren has only shown up minimally. Long enough to get the girl and go away again.

And I don't care if it is Warren -- Stella is so awesome, I'll cheer for anyone who can seduce her. Go Warren! Go Warren! [author does out-of-date cultural touchstone Cabbage Patch dance] It's your birthday! Use catchphrase!

Okay, so I sound like a doctor's receptionist trying to explain why I changed the TV to Port Charles when you wanted to watch the second half of SportsCenter. So be it! Ed has built that much goodwill in this viewer, there's still some left.


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