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Frank Herbert's Cashing In

Random thoughts on the first installment of Frank Herbert's Children of Dune on the Skiffy Channel:

  • They canceled Farscape for stuff like this?
  • Considering most of the movie goes: "Establishing shot, interior shot, exposition, exposition," an awful lot of confusing stuff happens.
  • Either my memory is bad is or the only actor returning from the last Dune TV movie is Alec Newman. (IMDb says I'm about half right.)
  • New drinking game: Drink every time Stilgar says, "Let me take [his/her/its/their] water!" and Paul tells him no.
  • Princess Alia is a major hooterific battle babe! Gotta dig her workout scene. But you'll need the IMDb to look up her name or you'll just keep thinking, "Who's that babe?" every time she appears.
  • It's been a long time since I've laughed at a singing midget in a funny hat.

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