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He Hate Me

It's been about a month since I've implored New York's Fox 5 to improve its televsion signal. And you know what's happened since? Not only has Fox 5's signal not improved, but Channel 2 (CBS) and Channel 4's (NBC) signals have actually gotten worse!

So now I have three stations I can't watch.

Don't think I don't know what's going on. Anytime a black man speaks out against injustice, The Man always finds a way to stick it to 'em. I know what you're thinking: "Oh Collier, you and your crazed paranoia -- the Man isn't out to stick it to you! It's mere coincidence!"

Oh yeah? Well why is it that when I go to all of my white friends' homes they all have perfect televsion reception? Huh?! Huh?! And don't fucking tell me it's because they all have fucking cable either!

Oh wait... that's right. Um, never mind.


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