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On the Spot is a new show on the WB. It stars this one guy, and another guy, and a woman I sort of recognize. And Tim Conway.

Remember the live episodes of The Drew Carey Show? Where there was sort of a plot, but occasionally the show would degenerate into Whose Line Is It Anyway-style improvisation? Like when this smarmy guy would wander into the scene and demand that the actors do a song of a style chosen by the audience?

Right. Well, this show is just like that. It's even got the same smarmy guy.

Anyway, there's a plot, I guess. This guy is manager of a hotel populated by wacky employees. And there are guest stars. If Lisa Loeb, Andy Dick, and Brian Doyle-Murray count as stars.

That's really all there is to it. Semi-improvised comedy on the WB. I think Drew Carey might have something to do with it.

Oh! And the band is led by Dweezil Zappa, which means that the improvised songs have much better accompaniment than usual. Frankly, I'm just watching it for Dweezil.


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