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Without a Tress

A while back on Without a Trace, Agent Taylor (Enrique Murciano) showed up at a crime scene with a leather jacket and ruffled hair -- which prompted a colleague to ask if he'd been on a date when the call came in. Indeed, his hair made it apparent that his date had reached a critical juncture. As the episode progressed and the team closed in on the kidnappers and brought them to justice, reuniting the sundered family, Taylor's hair never recovered.

After that, there was a run of episodes where Murciano's hair was presentable again, but it wasn't meant to last. In recent weeks, the character looks more and more as if somebody turned him upside down and tried to use him as a pencil. Perhaps his constant bedhead is telling us that he's been very busy making up for the day Uncle Sam made him take a cold shower.

What's worse, the problem is spreading. Eric Close's Agent Fitzgerald now looks like he spends his time between takes putting on a wool stocking cap and trying to screw it onto his head as tightly as possible. In a more recent episode, even walking shampoo commercial Poppy Montgomery wasn't safe; from some angles it looked like she'd just finished playing the prom queen's "hair in the door" scene from Sixteen Candles. On the other hand, she was probably relieved that her character, Agent Samantha Spade (yes, we know) didn't have to go "undercover" again in a Velma Kelly wig that looked about as convincing as an infomercial.

Series lead Anthony LaPaglia may also want to get a stylist on his personal staff. His short, no-nonsense look features a couple of square inches of restrained tousle at his widow's peak that must be a continuity nightmare. At this rate, it's only a matter of time before somebody on the show's crew either mows it down with a Flowbee or gels it into a "There's Something About Mary" tidal wave. And if that happens, the real FBI is probably going to be searching for Without a Trace's hairstylist.


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