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Hottie Anchors, Fair and Balanced

One of the more bizarre moments during Shock & Awe, Live from Baghdad: Laurie Dhue was questioning Fox correspondent Rick Leventhal, who as we all know is embedded with some Marines, providing Fair and Balanced coverage. Forget for a moment that Leventhal, apparently high on wacky juice, asked two separate Marines, "Are you enjoying yourself?" Both paused for several seconds, obviously contemplating whether to answer, "Am I enjoying killing masses of foreigners I've never met in a distant country I'll never visit again, all whilst getting shot at and never knowing if I'm going to see my wife and kids again? Is that your question, you blithering ass?" before simply answering, "Uh, no. I'd rather be home."

No, instead there was the interview when another Marine learned Dhue was in the studio and began to wax poetic. "Aw, gee, Rick, we're huge fans of Laurie. We think she's really pretty, and she's got a great smile, and..." Being the professional he is, and clearly opting to side with the celebratory high-fives and cigar lightings in Fox's broadcast booth over Dhue's nervous chuckles, Leventhal immediately piped in: "And just think, she lives next door to me!"

There you go: "Fox News Channel -- Fair and Balanced Coverage, Slightly Lacking in Professionalism. Only Two Restraining Orders Since 2002."


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