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Mr. Racial Identity

I've begun to notice a certain pattern on these dating shows like Mr. Personality and The Bachelorette. There's always one token black dude. And generally the token black dude gets eliminated in the first round. On Mr. Personality, everybody has to wear masks, right? But there are little spaces on the masks for the eyes and the mouth. And the token black dude, you can totally see he's black. It's like he's already totally been exposed and the game hasn't even started. The black dude is at a total disadvantage because he doesn't get to display his personality.

Anyhow that got me thinking, they need to have a dating show called Am I Black or Am I White? And the woman wouldn't even get to see their faces. All she'd have to judge the contestants by would be the sound of their voices. That would certainly make things more interesting for the black dudes.


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