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Next Week on 24...

  • Michelle tells Tony that it's crucial he get some information to the President right away. Tony responds with a several-minute-long smoldering stare.
  • Kim comes across an alien spaceship and asks the aliens if she can come in and use their shower.
  • Jack gets his ass kicked.
  • The President heightens the dramatic tension by creating an entirely artificial deadline.
  • Kim is attacked by hipster '80s vampires, one of whom looks remarkably like her father.
  • CTU catches fire. Michelle and Tony make out.
  • Jack notices that something very dramatic seems to happen at 59 minutes past every hour. He muses on this coincidence while getting his ass kicked.
  • The President is completely trusting of his Chief of Staff despite the fact that the camera lingers on him when scenes end.
  • Kim is attacked by an angry and slightly larger-than-average vole. She and the vole fall in love.

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