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Proof that Greg Papa Doesn't Watch Much ESPN Classic

Actual conversation from an actual Oakland Athletics telecast, as Chris Singleton legs out an infield single and momentarily mulls turning it into an infield double:

Ray Fosse: Oh, to have speed. The speed of Chris Singleton forced the play, forced Brett Boone to charge to try and make a spectacular play... that's just the great speed that forced the issue. Love to talk about it, never had it.

Greg Papa: Count is 1-0 on Miguel Tejada. You never had speed, even when you were a young guy, huh?

Fosse: First year.

Papa: First year as a rookie?

Fosse: And then I lost it.

Papa: You mean when you were this young good looking guy back in 1969 (showing Fosse's rookie card on the screen), you had speed?

Fosse: Yes. (awkward pause) Until Pete Rose crippled me.

OK, he didn't say that thing after the awkward pause, but still.


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