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Why the West Was Won

So I saw this commercial the other day for Honda's new SUV, the Pilot. It featured a family camping with all of the amenities -- a trailer, a campfire, and a DirecTV satellite dish. I remember shaking my head and thinking that this commercial said everything about this country of ours: "Hey family, let's get out to the great outdoors-- so we can watch some TV."

Is this what we as Americans have become? So glued to our TV sets we can't even go camping without one? I can only wonder what the pioneers would thought of all of this. Would they have looked at us modern Americans, with our creature comforts with more than hint of disgust? Probably. Somehow I think they would look at us and see a bunch of... wusses.

"What happened to you guys?" they'd say. "We didn't cross the Great Divide so you people could sit on your asses all day, eating Doritos and watching extreme dating shows! What happened to rugged individuality and manifest destiny? My God, we slaughtered all of the Indians for this?!"

That you did, pardners... that you did.


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