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Steve's Top Ten Most Favoritest Buffy Episodes Ever

1. The one where Buffy slays a bunch of vampires.

2. The one where one of the main characters gets killed, only to unexpectedly return in a future episode.

3. The one where the main character who was good suddenly turns evil. Or was it a main character who was evil and suddenly turns good? I forget.

4. The one where everybody sings; I believe it was called The Music Man.

5. The one where nobody sings, electing instead to be really really quiet.

5.5. Actually, I didn't see that last one, but I'm told that it's one of my favorites.

6. The one where Connor entombs Angel at the bottom of the ocean.

7. The one where Mal ends up married to Saffron, then Saffron beats up Mal and Wash, and then the Serenity is captured by pirates.

8. The one where Willow jams a flute up her tookie.

9. The one where Buffy discovers that her father has died, then she turns evil and beats up Spike, who is revealed to actually be Angel, only he can't talk because Xander has turned into a warlock and cast a spell on Angel's tongue so that it's good (even as the rest of Angel is evil) and therefore refuses to say anything on principle. I think there was also some singing in this one.

10. The one that I actually saw thirty minutes of.


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