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Fandom's Unintended Consequences

Apparently, an ugly schism is developing in the con-going world: Trekkers vs. "Buffyheads." According to the Trekkers, they're all clean, polite, loyal, trustworthy and brave, while the Buffyheads are deranged celebrity stalkers who wear too much lip gloss and carry notebooks festooned with James Marsters collages. Trekkers hate that Buffyheads want their own panels at cons. Buffyheads say they don't want to go to Star Trek dances.

The really sad thing about this is not that an entire group of television watchers is squaring off into a rivalry not seen since the Cardassians went at it with the Bajorans or Buffy went at it with Faith. Sure, inter-fan animosity is sad, but petty factionalism is a vital function of fandom, and if snubbing someone because they prefer Joss Whedon's narrative stylings to Brannon Braga's is what gets you up in the morning... well, it takes all kinds.

Anyway, the sad thing here is the apparent antipathy between Trekkers and Buffyheads, because all those Klingon fanboys are totally passing up the opportunity to mingle with the Slayerette crowd, thus eventually breeding a new generation of SuperFans.

Well, that's sad for them, anyway. I imagine everyone else is breathing a sigh of relief.


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