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The Danza

The Emmy nominations came out today, and the contenders in one category have me scratching my head.

Six men are in the running for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series. Three of them, Bernie Mac, Larry David, and Ray Romano, are nominated for essentially playing themselves. In Larry David's case, he's even credited as "Himself."

I play myself every friggin' day. It's a task that I find pretty undemanding. It would be even easier with the assistance of a fully staffed Hollywood production team backing me up. It just doesn't seem right that these guys are nominated in an acting category.

Yet it is appropriate to recognize the efforts of these funny, talented men in some fashion. Therefore, I suggest the creation of a new prize: the Tony Danza Award for Special Achievement in Self-Portrayal.

I picture a small golden statue depicting Tony holding a mop in his left hand while dangling a pair of boxing gloves over his right shoulder, in honor of his two seminal roles as Tony Micelli on Who's the Boss and Tony Banta on Taxi.

Tony himself would receive the inaugural "Danza," and be the official presenter of the award for the rest of his life.


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