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These Friends of Mine

Another entry in the continuing saga of our obsession with Ed (if NBC ever cancels the show we'll have to hold a funeral):

My wife and I went on vacation to Wildwood, New Jersey. One fine day at the water park found us lounging in the shallow end of the kiddie area while our monkeys played. Looking around at the complexity of the slides, pumps, valves, falls, stairs, and everything else, I mused on the design of this place of amusement.

"Who designed all this, I wonder?" I asked my wife.

"Don't we know someone who designed water parks or rollercoasters or something? I mean, didn't we meet someone who did that? I thought we did...."

She trailed off as she realized what I was about to say next.

"Um," I said, "that wasn't a real person, that was a character on Ed."

"Uh. Right"


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