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Basic Cable Net Makes Good

So when exactly did USA become a real network? Last I checked in with them, their purpose was to provide some small solace for insomnia sufferers with low standards. Then, after the Internet made fresh porn freely available twenty-four hours a day, they became the network where octogenarians could tune in to see the episode of Walker, Texas Ranger they forgot they saw two nights previously. Now, seemingly out of the blue, USA is nominated for a small gaggle of Emmys. Are they under new management, or are we witnessing the law of averages in action?

Meanwhile, Monk just keeps getting better and better. If you haven't caught the show yet, you can't go wrong with this week's episode, "Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater." Rarely have I seen so many inventive ways of putting a protaganist into horrible -- and hilarious -- situations over the course of an entire season, let alone a single hour episode. If you run across one of the innumerable weekly reruns, do yourself a favor and watch it. It truly is one of the funniest things on (American) television.

Also, the pilot for Peacemakers, which I caught about half of last night before Mount Babysuvius erupted, looked very promising. The idea of slapping CSI into an Old West town, where the Law is allowed to shoot people at will, is nothing short of brilliant. I didn't see the whole thing, but it's possible that after almost 40 years, Tom Berenger has finally starred in something that he doesn't have to be slightly embarrassed by.

Between USA, BBC America, and Game Show Network, I'm fast running out of reasons to ever tune in to a major broadcast network.


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