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Peter Gallagher and The O.C.

Not that this has any relevance to Lisa's piece about The O.C., but in the fake sitcom featured in Project Searchlight, Peter Gallagher was cast to play Jesus... wearing a cowboy getup. He's replaced in the cast, however, after he gets hit by a car while filming the show's opening credits.

Project Searchlight is well worth TiVo'ing whenver it airs on Comedy Central in perpetuity, is what I'm trying to say...

By the way, just last night at the A's-Red Sox game, I amused myself as the A's won by turning to the obnoxious Red Sox fan sitting next to me and saying, "This is how we do it in the 5-1-0, bitch."

Sure, I said it under my breath, and after he was well out of earshot. But it was still a hoot and a half to say.


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