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End of Jack's Trip

Sad news that John Ritter passed away Thursday at the age of 54. He will always be remembered for his role as Jack Tripper on perhaps the definitive situation comedy, Three's Company. As someone who grew up watching that (admittedly cheesy) show, I've always been a fan of Ritter's work as Jack Tripper. He was really a very talented physical comedian, something that got lost in the '70s babe contract disputes and the clunky overheard-in-the-kitchen plot devices.

Granted, Monty didn't like 8 Simple Rules..., although I found it inoffensive. The show was, in fact, a little charming, largely because of Ritter's presence. In Monty's review of 8 Simple Rules, he said that his reaction to Ritter's appearances on TV or in movies was always the same: "Hey! There's John Ritter!"

I did that, too. But I did it with some measure of fondness.


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