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Loose Slots, Looser Screenplay

I'm not sure if I'll end up writing a full review of Las Vegas. After all, I've only been to the town once, and Phil and Lisa go there all the time -- heck, they even got married there. And Lisa is the show's official recapper, so I guess a review from her is unlikely.

In any event, I watched the Las Vegas pilot. This time of year, I'm reminded that pilots really make terrible episodes in terms of judging how a show's going to turn out. After all, they're spiked with exposition and designed to sell a series to network execs, not to viewers. So it goes with Vegas -- too many characters, too much explanation, and way too much drama of the over-the-top sort. I thought Nikki Cox was really good, but her scenes with Josh Duhamel were ridiculous and redundant. ("It's the family business! The family business!") Duhamel also bears a striking resemblance to Farscape's Ben Browder -- even more than Chuck from Amazing Race 4 -- which kept creeping me out.

James Caan was, of course, James Caan. If there's anything that bodes well for this series, it's that.


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