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Mini-Mailbag: Whedon Fans React

Letters, we get letters from Joss Whedon fans when we call them the most annoying.

From Gnzlzkent: "Well, anyway, I can agree that most Buffy fans are annoying, so are those from Angel, especially since the Angel producer's fired Charisma Carpenter this last season from playing Cordelia Chase. My point, the other half of the fans of 'Buffy' and 'Angel' are really normal, and calm. I think the fans that are the most annoying of these shows, are probably because they're younger than the older fans of the show. Mostly! But the oher half, very respectful citizens."

From Wendy: "Rock on! Your article was hilarious and true beyond the telling. As I am involved in planning an educational symposium whose guests *happen* to number among them some actors from the Jossverse I struggle to sidestep the crazy fans of whom you so amusingly and eloquently spoke. As for the Angel fans, all I can say is 'Beware.' ;-) "

From a Buffy webmaster: "Thank you so much for (hopefully) giving some of those Buffy fanatics a wake up call. Theyâre insane! I am a Buffy fan (obviously since I run a Buffy website) but canât understand the weirdness of some of the fans. You talk about strange emails... I could show you a few."

From Kat: "I don't know what it is about the shows but if you ever really get into them they suck you in like a black hole. I do however hate people who are now 'huge' fans of Angel because Buffy is gone. Ummm.... sorry if you weren't big fans before you're not one now. I however have watched both show since their creation. So please do not lump me (or my kids) into the fantics lounge (okay we have one foot in) not all joss wheadon fans are off their rockers."

From John J. Mesh of Michelle Trachtenberg Net: "I can sum up my opinion of your rating system on the most annoying fans -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans -- in two words that were eloquently expressed by Buffy herself: 'Bite me.'" This from a 40-something man who spends much of his web time devoted to writing about a 17-year-old girl.

And from DP: "suprised to see my mail? Probably not since you wrote the Buffy-fans-are-the-worst-kind-of-fans comment, you clearly have thought of the consequences of getting thousands of mails accusing you of being a facist dick (like most of americans are) Well: hereby my comment: you are a big asshole. I hope I hereby contributed to crashing your mailbox. Have a worse day."

Actually, DP, our mailbox is fine. But thanks for trying!


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