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No Non-American Presenters Allowed

Sitting here, watching the Emmys, wondering to myself: have they banned foreign accents from the show this year? Because I know that the stars of Without a Trace, Anthony LaPaglia and Poppy Montgomery, are Australian. And yet when they presented the award for best drama, they used their American Without a Trace accents.

Who put 'em up to it? The show's producers? CBS, who was afraid nobody would want to sample Without a Trace if they found out it starred a couple freakin' foreigners? (Actually, three, since Marianne Jean-Baptiste has the double whammy of a French surname and a British passport.)

Whoever did it, shame on them. What's next? Presenters appearing in character? Brad Garrett accepting his award in the low dunce voice of Robert Barone, rather than in his own high-pitched squeak?

Let's let people have the dignity of using their own accents when they're playing themselves. I'd hope that we fragile Americans can handle the cognitive dissonance.


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