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So Much for 'Junkyard Wars'

Well, I just deleted Junkyard Mega-Wars off my Tivo Season Pass list.

I gave it an honest chance. I didn't want to consign it to oblivion just because it didn't have Robert Llewellyn or Cathy Rogers. But so many of the changes which at first seemed pointless actually turned out to be actively bad. Rotating crew members? Oh good, so that way the teams don't know each other. I would have thought the Junkyard Wars audience would be a bigger fan of friends working together smoothly than of strangers snapping at each other, but what do I know? I'm the dummy who thought that a new Expert Judge every week was a neat idea.

The new hosts, of course, are terrible. It's tradition! I can't put my finger on exactly what I dislike about them, unless it's the way they keep shouting at me about how great each episode's challenge is. Or maybe it was the little skits the hosts did together. Or the way they took a dental drill to my brain every time they opened their mouths.

I tell ya, it's almost enough to make me give up my pipe dream of learning to weld so I can make my very own Robosaurus.


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