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The WB's Jon Seda?

Owen Lockett wrote us a note about our Worst Actor award that's too good not to share:

"I'm disappointed that Milo Ventimiglia didn't get a mention for his work in Gilmore Girls. On a show with a surplus of acting talent, Milo single handedly brings the overall talent average down to a more reasonable level. He's a bad actor. Very bad. He's Jessica Alba bad. He's Jessica Biel bad. On a show known for its quick wit and lighting fast dialog, his line reading is slow and sullen, his voice muffled and hard to understand. When Ventimiglia acts, he's reminiscent of the high school jock who's only taking drama to improve his grade point average: embarrassed to be on stage and resentful for having to take the class.

"His Jess is supposed to be a 'bad boy' character that teenaged Rory falls for. His character is supposed to have a gruff, tough-guy exterior, but turn out to be intelligent and a devoted boyfriend. Not only does Ventimiglia completely miss portraying "intelligent" and "devoted," but he manages to fumble "tough-guy" as well. His character comes off as a thoroughly unlikable, passive-aggressive jackass.

"I wish I could articulate how out of place he is in a well-acted show like Gilmore Girls and how Milo so reliably deadens every scene he's in. Maybe it would be clearer to put it into language you at TeeVee understand: he's the Jon Seda of the WB. And as such, he deserves at least a passing mention in the TeeVee Awards."


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