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Everybody Steps on Raymond

I was in Manhattan the other day, coming in through the Port Authorty Bus Terminal, and I saw the latest in the long line of ways for the Port Authority to make yet more money to put towards, I dunno, whores and caviar for the brass, because I sure don't see any of it going into the dilapidated transportation infrastructure of this fine city.

Because the commuters are a wonderfully captive audience, and because they apparently are not yet bombarded with enough advertising everywhere else during the seventeen hours spent staring at billboards on the way into and out of the Lincoln Tunnel, not to mention the fourteen hours spent standing on line in the terminal itself ogling every last inkjet droplet of the latest poster campaign, the Port Authority has started selling ad space on the floor in front of the main escalator bank.

The minuses I have already delineated. But on the positive side, hundreds of thousands of people who might otherwise have been denied the pleasure may now step on Ray Romano's face.


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